11. jul. 2007


Velkommen til Skraldespanden !
Jeg er så udannet, at jeg ikke tolererer rå tone, personfnidder, uden-for-emnet-kommentarer, reklamer, spam og meget mere. Jeg er i det hele taget intolerant overfor alt, der fjerner debatten fra emnet.
Al den slags "støj" ryger derfor i Skraldepanden. Alle kan kigge i Skraldespanden, og alle kan deltage i det "verbale slagsmål" i Skraldespanden. Men vælger du at deltage i Skraldespands-debatten, så skal du være hårdhudet, for den eneste hjælp Skraldespands-kommentatorerne får af mig er, når en kommentar indeholder ulovligheder. Først da vil den blive slettet og sendt ud i cyberspace.
Skraldespanden er stedet, hvor kommentatorers fejl og temperament stilles til offentlig skue. Her bliver folk hængt ud.
Det er usympatisk at udstille andres fejl, men jeg vil hellere være usympatisk end at blive beskyldt for at stække ytringsfriheden.

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Anni Løndal de Lichtenberg sagde ...

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Anonym sagde...
Greeks stole the Egyptian, Trojan, Roman and Venetian empires to benefit
their hideous decadent merchantilism. They invented capitalism along with
perfidiously decadent sexual, "philosophical", and commercial mores. Greeks
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"science" and literature as instruments of domination. Greeks invented
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betrays how perfideously Greeks fight. During the Depression, Casavis
betrayed how masons are beholden to the Greeks. The Greeks have always been
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long before Christ and now control the core conspiracies of the CIA and CFR.
Gorbachev, who bears the mark of the antiChrist on his forehead, is a member
of the Greek politburo, called Archons of Constantinople. They are the
secret controllers of the Federal Reserve (from their Delian League), using
board of directors like Brademas, Hatsopoulos, Patrikis, and Jamie Dimon.
Russia was always controlled by Greeks, originally for the wheat, and the
first Russian governor of Alaska was a Greek named Delaros. Jefferson and
Franklin were controlled in the writing of our Constitution by a guy straight
from Greece named Paradise at the same time as Russia had a Greek foreign
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A Greek named Peter Peterson replaced David Rockefeller at the helm of the
Council on Foreign Relations. The CIA has long been controlled by Greeks like
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their oil. Greeks are still intent on consummating their Chanuka crimes.
Greeks are so aware they are the devils' answer to the Jews, that when the
Greeks first tried to be Christians they started calling themselves Romans
instead. American slave trade was controlled by a Greek family named
Benakis. Greek diners are oil ship money laundries - what do they do when we
are not eating? Those diner boys do so well in those filthy colleges,
because the colleges are Greek instruments of world domination established by
the guy named Paradise who controlled Jefferson and Franklin. This is why
colleges all look like Greek temples and have those depraved Greek
fraternities. The devil General Grant admitted to being a Byzantine emperor.
The Greek devil Papnichlau invented the sex "liberating" pap smear. The USA
movie industry was invented by Spyros Scouras, friend of Stalin. The Greek
devils carelessly caused Atlantis to disappear when they arrived on earth.
Turks are just Trojans avenging millenia of occupation. We must liberate
humanity from three millenia of Greek domination.

12. juli 2007 17:54